Has your garden fallen fowl of the unpredictable winter weather? If so, getting your garden ready for the summer months ahead may seem like an impossible task. Don’t worry; it can and with a little determination will be prepared. In this article, our Rossendale Gardeners will outline their ten tips to ensure that your garden is in tip-top condition for summer!

Repair broken fences and gates

Your garden may well feature a gorgeous floral arrangement, but have you considered fixing your broken gate or fencing? It is common for the perimeter of a property to become damaged during stormy weather; this has undoubtedly been the case so far this year with Storm Ciara and Denis wreaking havoc! Keeping your fencing well-maintained will provide an additional layer of security to your property. Installing a sturdy fence is an excellent way to deter would-be trespassers. No damage to report? That’s fantastic – then why not give your fencing a fresh lick of paint?

Trim trees and branches

Have your trees and branches become overgrown? If so, it’s time to trim them down! Our gardeners in Rossendale recommend cutting them before summer; this allows them adequate time to heal during their growing season. The key to fruitful tree trimming is to use sharp tools – we assure you, this will make the job a lot easier. Even easier still, ask one of our Rossendale gardeners to trim them for you!

Check your water pipes

We have attended to many properties in Rossendale that have experienced problems with their water pipes caused by the cold weather. Unfortunately, damage to your property’s external pipework will often cause damage to your garden… If there has been a leak on your patio, then be prepared for some form of damage! As the dark winter nights draw to a close, take advantage of the lighter evenings and inspect your property’s pipework. Our Rossendale gardeners advice is to remove moss and leaves from your pipework, this will prevent water from building up and help you to determine whether there is any damage. If you spot a problem, fix it sooner rather than later to avoid it becoming a more significant issue.

Collect rainwater

Did you know that the United Kingdom is likely to suffer from water shortages in the next 25 years? In the summer of 2018, Rossendale witnessed the most prolonged and hottest heatwave since records began, resulting in water shortages across the country. As our climate continues to change, prepare for a hosepipe ban by collecting rainwater during the winter months, we get enough of it! To do this, we recommend installing water butts; these will give you easy access to any rainwater collected for use within your garden. You can tactfully place them on the edges of sloped roofs, and downward-facing drainpipes to collect as much water as possible!


Removing weeds is everybody’s least favourite task when it comes to the upkeep of their garden! Sadly, if you want an attractive garden, it has to be done. It takes time, our Rossendale gardeners have learnt that the hard way; it’s tedious and probably the last job that you want to do. We know that spending time outside working on your garden is not a particularly pleasant experience, so just before summer when the weather is a little warmer is the perfect time to make a start. If you want an ideal garden, it’s these pesky jobs that make all the difference!

Mow your grass

Regularly cutting your grass will make it a lot easier to maintain! As the weather becomes warmer, your lawn is going to grow quicker and quicker, so ensure that your mower is ready to go. A little tip from our gardeners in Rossendale; after mowing, you should aerate your grass with a garden fork. Eh, what is aerating? It is when you use a garden fork to create holes in the soil that allow it to breathe again – water and nutrients will find their way into these holes and down to the roots below. Aerating will help the roots of your grass grow deeper into the soil, resulting in a much stronger and robust lawn. The summer is the best time to aerate, so make sure that you do!

Maintain your furniture

If you have invested in a bespoke garden design, why let it down with tatty furniture? We recommend purchasing high-quality outdoor furniture to match your quality garden! It is an investment, and if you keep the furniture well-maintained, it will last you for a long time to come. Already have garden furniture? Whip out the sanding paper and sand down your chairs and table, complete the job with primer and vanish to make them shine. And, of course, don’t forget to wash and polish your barbeque ready for your first one of the summer!

Look after your patio

When you have de-weeded your garden and attended to some of the other tasks on this list, it is then time to focus on restoring your patio to its former glory. You may find moss growing between the gaps in your flags; you should pick this out to prevent it from spreading further along the joints! If you have wooden decking, you should sand it down and repaint it – this is the perfect opportunity to give it a new lease of life with a funky new colour. Our gardeners in Rossendale always use colour protectors to protect the timber and ensure that you have to paint the decking less frequently. If you are planning on installing decking in your garden, and are worried about the upkeep of it, you can choose composite decking instead, which requires very little maintenance.

Feed the wildlife

Your garden will be more welcoming to the local wildlife if you install animal feeders. Many people get a thrill from helping the little creatures who live alongside us! You can feel this way too; all you have to do is provide them with some food. Incorporating a water bath into your garden’s design is an excellent way to attract birds to your garden, allowing them to cool down when the weather is a little too hot for them. Even better, a feeder full of seeds will be sure to keep them happy! For bigger gardens, you may also want to consider a butterfly house. Everyone loves nature, especially the team at Rossendale Landscapes – we love seeing the different species of wildlife while we work away. Why not take part in the RSPB Bird Watch?

Maintenance by gardeners in Rossendale

Too much to do, too little time? Many people find it impossible to keep on top of their garden while trying to keep up with life. Fortunately for you, that is what we do best! If you would like to keep your garden looking pristine, why not schedule ongoing maintenance with a Rossendale gardener? Rossendale Landscapes are professional landscape gardeners in Rossendale specialising in the creation of bespoke garden designs. We established our maintenance division in 2018 to help busy people like yourself keep on top of their garden, so whatever your requirements, our gardeners in Rossendale will keep your garden looking at its best! To begin, schedule a consultation, or phone 01706 482045. Alternatively, if you’re looking to prepare your garden to sell your property, click here to read one of our latest article.