You don’t need to be a railway enthusiast to appreciate the benefits of railway sleepers! Traditionally used on the railway to keep the rails perfectly aligned, these heavy-duty pieces of timber are becoming a popular design feature, found amongst many a garden in Rossendale. It’s safe to say that our landscapers have an eye for design, and they would personally recommend the use of railway sleepers as a bespoke element in contemporary garden designs. We can integrate railway sleepers into a landscape to serve several different purposes, whether it be for steps, edges or even for a unique seating area. The question is; do you want a garden that stands out?

Benefits of Railway Sleepers

The use of railway sleepers by landscapers when creating bespoke garden designs has become an increasingly common practice. We can incorporate them into a design to serve a range of different purposes. Before we begin to consider some of the ways in which they can be used, we should first establish the benefits which have made them such a popular choice amongst landscape gardeners!

  • They are a budget-friendly option, so you’re not going to have to break the bank
  • Sleepers can last for up to 20 years, this is a long lifespan considering their modest price tag
  • Come in a range of different types of wood and colours to fit in with their surroundings
  • They are easy to manoeuvre and install due to their lightweight profile

Sleeper Steps

For split-level designs, you may want to consider railway sleeper steps; this is an effective and more visually appealing alternative to traditional brick and stone steps. We can design a custom set of railway sleeper steps to comply with your specific requirements. They create a gorgeous looking edge which will add an element of sophistication to your garden’s persona! Depending on the width of your desired steps, our landscaper will help you choose the most suitable style for your garden. The dimensions of the railway sleepers (2.4m x 100mm x 200mm) which we tend to use is the ideal size for most garden steps. Do you want something which stands out even more? It is possible for us to source railway sleepers in a variety of different colours, so there is an option to match up with every colour scheme! Whichever option you choose, we always recommend using treated timber; this will significantly increase the lifespan of your sleeper steps.

If you attempt to install railway sleepers yourself, please be extremely careful; when wet, even a small sleeper can weigh up to 10 stone! Our advice is to ensure that you are always working alongside somebody else, you may sustain a back injury if you do not take proper care! Why not leave it to the experts, and schedule a consultation with one of our Landscape Gardeners in Rossendale?

Sleeper Border Edges

When designing the layout of a garden, we can incorporate railway sleepers to create an ascetically pleasing border between the different elements of the design. In a way, it’s like having an old picture and putting it into a new frame! Perhaps your chosen design features an area of artificial grass, coupled up with a porcelain paved patio; in this case, we can create an edging with railway sleepers to divide the two areas of your garden. The options available to us when integrating edgings will depend on the style of garden you have chosen. One thing is for certain, our landscapers guarantee that a tactfully placed sleeper edge will transform the appearance of your garden!

We can use sleeper edging to create a lovely raised vegetable bed. You will have those tomatoes growing in no time! The advantages of a raised vegetable patch are increased drainage for the soil, keep pesky weeds away and create a barrier between your vegetables and insects such as slugs and worms. Don’t fancy a vegetable patch? Maybe a raised pond may tickle your fancy! We can design a bespoke water feature using railway sleepers as edgings; this will certainly add something a little different to your garden’s design.

Retaining Walls

Instead of featuring brick and stone throughout your garden, another popular option is to install a retaining wall constructed with railway sleepers. We could carefully craft a retaining wall to go alongside a set of sleeper steps to separate a grassed area from a patio, resulting in a unique design. Although the installation of a retaining wall will enhance the appearance of your garden, they can be used to serve important functions too! They are regularly used to provide structural integrity and functional support, keeping soil in place depending on where they are installed. Obviously they are wooden, so whilst they have a reasonable lifespan for their price tag, it will be limited. If you are looking for a permanent solution, you may want to consider concrete railway sleepers instead.

Your Garden’s Design

If you are looking for an affordable option to add a little sophistication to your garden’s design, then you should definitely consider the installation of railway sleepers. Whether they are used to create steps, edgings or to add strength to the structure of your garden; railway sleepers are a versatile product, hence their popularity within the landscaping industry! To see some other examples of where railway sleepers have been used in landscaping, try a quick search on Pinterest! If you are looking to have your garden redesigned, Rossendale Landscapes can incorporate railway sleepers into your chosen design. It can be difficult to create a garden design with a little oomph to it! Don’t worry though, when you choose us, we will tactfully design your garden with attention to detail.

Rossendale Landscapes are a team of professional residential and commercial landscape gardeners in Rossendale, we provide the complete garden design service. Whether you are looking for a complete design or to spruce up what you already have, our knowledgeable landscapers are equipped to help! If you would like to discuss your requirements, schedule an appointment with one of our landscapers.