Have you thought it through?

If you're reading this article, then you're probably thinking about transforming your garden. Before we go any further, we're not in this business to fleece you - that's why we write articles such as this one; we want you to make an informed decision. Once you have read this article, you should be in a better position to determine whether landscaping your garden is realistic for you.

Hold your horses

Before you jump in and schedule a consultation with one of our friendly Rossendale landscape gardeners, we'd strongly recommend that you undertake some initial research. That way, you will be able to discuss your findings and preferences with an expert during your consultation. As much as we love designing gardens, we think they turn out best when you are able to engage with the process. If you are completely stuck for ideas, you may find a quick search on Pinterest particularly helpful!

Be realistic

The sky is the limit. But it's important to be realistic... If you are serious about transforming your garden, you're going to need to consider how much you're willing to spend. During your consultation, we'll ask you for a rough budget. This will allow our landscaper to make suitable recommendations and tailor their quote to comply with your budget.

We put a lot of time and effort into each and every quote. Believe it or not, for bigger projects, it can take several hours to generate an accurate quote! We understand that some people genuinely have no idea as to how much what they are asking for will cost. That's why sometimes we have to advise that the proposed budget is unrealistic. When this is the case, we will provide advice and discuss any other suitable options which may be available.

Too good to be true?

We hate to break it to you... If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is - we'll be honest, we probably won't be your cheapest quote. In our industry, there's always somebody who will attempt to do it cheaper. If you have asked three people to price up the same job and one of their quotes is significantly less, then I'd definitely be asking myself - how have they managed that? You will find that genuine quotes tend to be within the same ballpark. We take great pride in doing everything right, the first time we're asked to do it. That's why we are going to be more expensive than Cowboy Clive!

So whilst we aren't promising to be your cheapest quote, we are promising to be your fairest. Our quotes are always for quality, carefully crafted landscapes which are designed to withstand the test of time. If in the unlikely event you were less than completely satisfied, you have our word that we would go the extra mile to put it right!

Take advantage of your consultation

Your consultation is the perfect opportunity to explore the different options available to you. If you have a question, ask it; don't be shy! Our team of landscape gardeners have amassed years of experience working on projects of all different shapes and sizes - we've seen everything there is to see... During your consultation, we will provide you with honest, educated advice to enable you to determine the best solution for your property. To ensure that your consultation is helpful, our landscaper will bring along samples and brochures for you to look through. If you're prone to being forgetful, you may find it useful to jot down a list of questions prior to your consultation.

Let's get started

If you're ready to give somebody the green light to begin the project, then you have probably done your research and shopped around. As much as we would love for you to choose Rossendale Landscapes, only you can determine which quote is right for you! Just make sure whoever you choose isn't promising you something which they can't deliver. That being said, whatever you decide - we truly hope that you end up with a quality landscape which you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

We hope that you have found this article to be insightful. If you are looking for a landscape gardener in Rossendale and the surrounding areas, then why not arrange your free consultation? We look forward to discussing your project with you in the future!