Designing a garden from scratch can be a stressful process. You are going to have to make a series of decisions which will shape the design of your garden. The best place to begin is by setting your budget; be realistic! Do you want a budget solution, or are you prepared to invest in a luxury garden design? Your budget is the first question you will be asked - otherwise, how will our landscape gardener know which materials to recommend? Your design can be as minimalistic, or as expansive as you want. Our Rossendale landscape gardeners can create a design to suit any budget. The only prerequisite we ask of you is that you are realistic, please put some thought into it! We regularly update this page to feature photos of the latest paving, decking, turfing, fencing and lighting trends.


When it comes to paving, there are so many options to choose between; it's going to be a tough decision! The latest trend which has become hugely popular is porcelain paving; it is exceptionally durable and virtually maintenance-free, so you can't go too far wrong with it. Just be aware that porcelain is a luxury material, so be prepared for its price tag! For those of you who are interested in a budget-friendly option, you may want to consider Indian stone; it comes in a wide range of gorgeous colours, so you will be able to find a style to fit any design. For a long-lasting driveway, our landscape gardeners in Rossendale recommend either a resin-bound or tarmac driveway.

Porcelain Paving - Abbey Black
Outdoor Porcelain (Abbey Black)
Porcelain Paving - Emmet Black
Block Paving - Driveway
Porcelain Paving - Barrington Beige


Adding a decked area to your garden's design will create a perfect sitting area! There are two common types of decking - wood plastic composite, and the traditional option of timber decking. Our recommendation is composite decking; it is durable, coming with a twenty-year guarantee, easy to maintain, and has an anti-slip surface. In the short term, composite is the more expensive option, but it is a long-term investment in your property. If you choose timber decking, you will have to undertake rigorous maintenance every year, this involves sanding it down and repainting it - and the lifespan is only around five years. However, if you are looking for the most affordable option for the short-term, then timber decking is going to be significantly cheaper than wood plastic composite.

Composite Decking - Charcoal Clarity
Composite Decking (Charcoal Clarity)
Composite Decking - Red Wood
Composite Decking - Clarity Graphite
Timber Decking - Red Wood
Composite Decking - Wood Effect
Timber Decking - Grey

Turf & Artificial Grass

If you have children or pets, then you should probably have a grassy area in your garden. From space to have a kick-around, to your dog's toilet, this is often an essential element of any family's garden design. Some people naturally gravitate towards natural turf, despite the challenge of keeping it green when your dog has peed everywhere! Then other people, more commonly these days, opt for artificial grass with the advantage of never having to cut the grass again springing straight to mind.

Grass Pathway
Garden stone path with grass growing up between the stones
Summer Flower Borders Surrounding A Grass Lawn In An Enclosed Home Garden.
Liz Woodward


Keep your garden private and secure by installing fencing around its perimeter. When choosing a fence for your property, you can spend as much or as little as you want. There really is an option to suit every specification and budget. You can choose basic fencing which will provide privacy - but, it isn't very appealing on the eye! Then, at the other end of the spectrum, you have composite fencing - similar to its decking counterpart, composite fencing is backed by a whopping twenty-year guarantee, so it is definitely an investment for the longer-term. If you would prefer something with a little more oomph to it, then you can choose from a range of decorative fencing styles.

Fencing - Decorative Panels
Fencing (Decorative Panels)
Composite Fencing
wooden fence with green lawn and trees
black steel iron fence of boundary house with green leaf of shrub tree growing wall natural in garden
Wooden Fence
Glass Balcony


We strongly recommend Philips Hue's portfolio of Smart Outdoor Lighting - their range of elegant lights would be the perfect finishing touch for any luxury garden! The advanced functionality offered by Philips Hue is second to none; they have created the complete outdoor lighting solution. Use your phone to choose from up to 16 million colours, reduce your energy consumption, increase the security of your property by setting timers and even control your lights via voice commands. This is your opportunity to outsmart your neighbours with Smart Outdoor Lighting.

Philips Hue - Outdoor Light Strip
Philips Hue (Outdoor Light Strip)
Philips Hue - Outdoor Lanterns