If you want a trendy garden, then a porcelain patio may well be a suitable option for you. In recent years, the use of outdoor porcelain tiles has become extremely popular as homeowners have started to steer away from the traditional stone options. So, why should you choose porcelain paving? By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to determine whether porcelain is suitable for your property.

Durability? It’s a yes from us

If you are planning to invest your hard-earned money into your garden, then you’re going to want a landscape that will withstand the test of time. We use our experience to carefully craft each and every landscape. However, even the best-designed landscapes are only as strong as the materials which have been used to create them. It may cost you a little more, to begin with, but you will thank us for it in the future!

With time, as it is exposed to the environment, the appearance of any natural stone will diminish. It is likely to fade and the colour may become inconsistent. Porcelain is man-made and has been tactfully engineered for its intended purpose. For that reason, it is highly durable and extremely resistant to scratches, stains and impact damage.

Maintenance? Don’t worry!

One reason why people may have their garden redesigned is to reduce the level of maintenance that is required. It can be very difficult and time-consuming to maintain the natural stone. We imagine you have better things to do with your time! For a hassle-free patio, we’d definitely recommend porcelain tiles. To keep a porcelain patio looking pristine, we advise a yearly jet wash. Aside from that, it’s super quick and easy; simply hose it down and you’re done!

Alexa, what is the weather like today?

It’s safe to say that the weather in the United Kingdom is unpredictable at the best of times. Here in Rossendale, we regularly experience the extremes of the oh so lovely British weather! So, you’re probably wondering, how does porcelain fare against our challenging climate? It’ll be just fine and here’s why…

Whether it’s a bone-chilling -4c or a scorching 38c, your porcelain patio will withstand absolutely anything. From a ‘Beast from the East’ to one of those ever so rare UK heatwaves, porcelain has been engineered with our lovely climate in mind.

Even on the frostiest winter days, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your porcelain patio will not become a slip hazard. It’s frost-proof due to its low water absorption, so your patio definitely won’t become an ice rink! In addition to that, due to its resistance to frost, porcelain won’t crack which is a common issue with natural stone.

We’re sure you’ll agree that it rains a little too much in Rossendale. So, you’re definitely not going to want your patio to be a Slip ‘n Slide… Fortunately, porcelain is slip-resistant, so you’re a lot less likely to take a tumble!

We have established that a porcelain patio will comfortably withstand the worst of our weather, so how about when it’s a little nicer outside? You’ll be pleased to know that porcelain is completely unaffected by sunlight. So, even on a gorgeous summer day, your patio won’t suffer from any of the issues which commonly arise with natural stone such as discolouration.

Should you choose a porcelain patio?

As to whether porcelain is a suitable option for you will largely depend on your budget. In this article, we have established that porcelain is highly durable, weather-resistant and essentially maintenance-free. However, due to these features and its aesthetic appearance, a porcelain patio is likely to be more expensive than one constructed from traditional stone. Our landscape gardeners in Rossendale would wholeheartedly recommend a porcelain patio due to its longevity.

If after reading this article, you don’t think that porcelain is a viable option for you, or perhaps you just prefer the appearance of the tried and tested sandstone patio, then we are more than happy to run through the other options which are available to you.

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